The platform that modernized gifting.

The SmartGift Effect

On Your Customers

Purchase Confidence Boost

SmartGift removes the inherent uncertainty when buying for others by including recipients in the decision making process.

Intent Converted Into Commerce

Our Pay-After model and conversational, peer-to-peer experience reduce the typical inhibitions around buying for others.

Engaged Product Browsing

Recipients spend significant and meaningful time browsing through other products with our intelligent, SmartSwap algorithm.

Gifting Kept Fun

Our refined experience design is based on user data to ensure that SmartGifting is fun, convenient, and most of all, uniquely memorable.

On Your Brand

Customer Acquistion Growth

Tap into a larger customer network by facilitating a buying for others and gifting flow that makes every transaction a collaborative experience.

Eliminate Unwanted Gifts

SmartGift provides customers a new way to shop for others by allowing recipients to indicate which item they prefer before purchase.

Pinpointed Targeting With Gift Genome

Capture unique insights into product preferences, purchase occasions, & customer relationships for year-round, data-tailored marketing initiatives.

New Post Shipping Cut-Off Revenue

SmartGift’s instant, digital gift-giving flow extends every gift purchase occasion past its delivery cut off date, up to the very last minute.

Integration, kept simple.

No Add On Checkout

Always takes the customer back to your native checkout and payment methods.

No Gift Card Integration

An over-the-top flow that generates more business without the need for gift card rails.

Rapid Internationalization

Easily unify your gifting flow on all your international sites. Only language translation files required to expand globally.

Universal Platform Support

Regardless of which ecommerce service you use — even if it’s custom-built — we make set-up effortless.
Give your customers the best experience, your developers an easy life, and you a quick and satisfying win.

Make Every Purchase Perfect

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