SmartGift Is the Leader in Gift Commerce Innovation

And we won’t be stopping here because innovating how people discover, shop, give and receive gifts is what we enjoy.

First to market
Why it matters

The unique high definition rub-to-reveal and interactive full screen tactile wrapper

Creates a fun and immersive customer experience that lets gift recipients truly unwrap the gift instead of passively watch an animation of a gift box.

P2P sharing of gift links via text, email, Facebook private message, WhatsApp and KakaoTalk (Korea)

Handing over the gift becomes a personal act with a 100% open rate instead of a transactional email that ends up unread in the promotions tab.

Pay after the gift recipient has chosen the gift (or size/color)

Completely friction-free gifting. You have happy gift recipients who get what they want plus much reduced returns

Smart Swap with algos that drive product level conversion and engagement.

SmartGift always leads to a gift in every single hand off. Recipients explore, engage and delight in your merchandise.