CEO, Monika Kochhar, on personalization for more effective marketing at TAP 2018

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October 10th 2018Oct 10, 2018

On October 4, Button hosted over 500 of the brightest minds in mobile for our fourth annual TAP conference. From personalization to user experience, the day facilitated a variety of conversations around the latest mobile trends. Throughout the event, we learned what some of the leaders in mobile are up to, including SmartGift, Grubhub, Uber, BuzzFeed, Dunkin’, and more.

While approaches to mobile vary, attendees consistently agreed that mobile is playing an increasingly significant role in their businesses. Below are the rounded up top 5 takeaways from the insights speakers shared:

  • Building a positive user experience on mobile is critical, and if it’s done right, it will increase revenue.
  • To stand out and be successful in mobile, brands must personalize the experience.
  • Mobile apps are an extremely valuable channel with brand’s most loyal and engaged customers.
  • Marketers agree there’s a demand for better measurement and proven results for marketing spend, lending itself to more performance-based campaigns.
  • Many brands have placed bets on mobile for the upcoming holiday season and have already launched marketing campaigns promoting holiday deals.

Watch the full panel discussion