1-800-Flowers.com spruces up its mobile site ahead of Valentine’s Day

1-800-Flowers.com prepares for the influx of Valentine’s Day orders by updating and adding some features on its site and mobile app.
Digital Commerce 360
Digital Commerce 360
February 3rd 2020Feb 3, 2020

Last year before Valentine’s Day, 1-800-Flowers.com added SmartGift. The tool allows shoppers to purchase a gift from 1800Flowers.com and then the recipient receives a message via email or text that the gifter sent her something. The recipient can then view the item the gifter selected. She can then decide whether to select something else, as well as where and when to have it delivered. This ensures the recipient likes the gift she receives, and it arrives when it is convenient for her. The tool is good for last-minute shoppers, McCann says, as the recipient knows she received a gift on the holiday, even if it is delivered later.

“We’ve received extremely positive feedback on [SmartGift], which has become highly popular among our shoppers, as it empowers the recipient within the gift-giving process,” McCann says. The retailer plans to continue updating the SmartGift feature but did not reveal specific plans.

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