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Merchant Partner Highlights

Best of SmartGift merchant partners during Thanksgiving week 2017

What It Means for You

Higher purchase conversion than the merchant partner’s own conversion

Best-in-Class result for one merchant partner.

You alleviate your customers’ gift purchase anxiety leading to higher revenue and repeat business


Mobile device usage (69.3% mobile and 10.9% tablet)

Best-in-Class result for one merchant partner. 58.6% mobile and 13.0% tablet across merchant partners.

You are gifting-ready with a customer experience built for mobile web commerce


Gift recipients who changed a color/size (29.4%), or chose a different item altogether (17.6%)

Best-in-Class result for one merchant partner. Around 30% of gift recipients adjust the gift across merchant partners.

You have happy gift recipients who get what they want plus much reduced returns

10 Minutes

Average time between sending a gift and acceptance by the gift recipient

Best-in-Class result for one merchant partner.

Your customers enjoy a fast-paced fun interaction and there is no need for you to hold inventory

71 Seconds

Average time it took a gift giver to send a gift to a recipient

Across all merchant partners.

Confident gift shoppers by capturing payment after gift recipients have confirmed their selection

1:09 Minutes

Average time gift recipients looked at other merchandise during gift acceptance

Across all merchant partners.

Gift recipients engage with your merchandise for the first time in a long time or possibly for the first time EVER

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