We are

WE ARE__________

Friends, entrepreneurs, strategists, coders, design thinkers, writers, travelers, shower singers, single, married, vegan, paleo only, colorful, dreamers, doers.


GIFTING IS__________

A big hug, thoughtful, generous, positive, interactive, personal, loving, happy, infectious.


Relationships, bridges, loyalty, peace, memories, moments, smiles, love.


Be Human.


Monika Kochhar

CEO / Co-Founder

Connector between fintech, ecommerce, design and business. Entrepreneur and innovator. Previously co-founder of Guguchu, an e-commerce platform for bands and labels, which was acquired by a subsidiary of Sony Music. Traded tech and EM on Wall Street. Passionate about women changing influential industries. @mokochhar

Bernd Strenitz

Product / Co-Founder

Developer of magical user experiences at the intersection of art and science. Maker of products that solve fundamental human needs. Passionate about how IxD/UX/service design are redefining entire industries. Co-founder of Guguchu, an e-commerce platform for bands and labels, which was acquired by a subsidiary of Sony Music. @berndstrenitz

Matthew Davidson

Engineering / Co-Founder

Interdisciplinary engineer with 12 years of expertise in software development, networking, system and database administration and scalable infrastructure. Architected systems for several startups and corporations. When not available, you might find him in a monastery in Burma, where he briefly became a monk. @robomatthew

Yue Liu


Design focused software engineer working at the cross section of UX, design and digital interactions.
Passionate about computer graphics and visual arts.

Mehmet Varol


Engineer and solver of complex systems with a passion for simplicity.
Focused on applying lean startup techniques to new product discovery.
Prides himself in having tried every food truck in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Orhan Kutlu


Developer of seamless web experiences that span apps, APIs,
services, and systems. Open source advocate. Engineer with a penchant for cross functional use cases and thin crust pizzas Turkish style.

Vanessa Scott

Community & Ops

Organizational wiz and specialist in streamlining operations and
cultivating culture here at SmartGift. Gifted storyteller. Always thinking about new ways to make the work environment more awesome.

Paula Guntaur

Interaction Design (A)

Interaction designer at FifthyThree with a focus on product planning, user research and system design.
Former Associate Creative Director at R/GA where she led interaction design. Awarded a Webby for her work on the NIKEiD Mobile Builder. Crafted new platform experiences for Microsoft including KIN, Windows Phone 7 Services and Office.

Russel Sinclair

Product (A)

Entrepreneur and product head at StreetEasy with 15+ years of
experience in customer focused design. Passionate about leading
product teams and defining a vision for future product direction. Possesses a balanced blend of business and technology expertise. @sinklair